Nilai-nilai Filosofis Didaktis, Humanistis, dan Spiritual dalam Kesenian Tradisional Macapat Masyarakat Bali

Suarta, I Made (2018) Nilai-nilai Filosofis Didaktis, Humanistis, dan Spiritual dalam Kesenian Tradisional Macapat Masyarakat Bali. Mudra, 33 (2). pp. 191-199. ISSN 0854-3461

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This study aims to understand the didactic, humanistic, and spiritual philosophical values embodied in the traditional art of macapat in Balinese society. The study of traditional arts macapat can be regarded as a cultural activity that has an important focus to know the identity of society, participation, and the existence of a civilization society. Basically, tembang macapat not speak to himself and voice himself. He confronts and voices the complexity of Balinese cultural life. Therefore, macapat contains philosophical (didactic, humanistic, and spiritual) values in it, thus making it a social discourse and indirectly involved in the dynamics of socio-cultural interaction in Balinese society. This research uses descriptive qualitative research design that moved from the functional approach to traditional Balinese literature. Sources of data in the study are classified into two, namely primary data sources (source data derived directly from subject) and secondary (source data comes from books / text / books / literature). Data collection methods used are observation and literature study. Step analysis of this data is done by using descriptive qualitative method. This method is done by using some operational steps, namely data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. These three stages interact and have a connection, starting from data collection and ending in drawing conclusions. The didactic value contained in the tembang macapat teaches people the importance of education and science to become moral and ethical human beings. Humanist teachings in tembang macapat provide guidance and guidance to humans that live life in the world must always adhere to the norms prevailing in society. Gotong royong,brotherhood, friendship, and harmony are the values of humanism contained in tembang macapat. Spiritual values contained in the tembang macapat is to teach people to always implement the teachings of religion to get the balance sekala and niskala.

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